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A Double Shaft Seal for the Refrigeration Compressor

A shaft seal is the most fragile part of the industrial refrigeration system because 85% of mechanical seals fail prematurely and unexpected. Therefore, mechanical seal failure continues to be the single greatest problem in compressor operation. RM Support has developed a perfect solution:  a double shaft seal with a pre-warming system.





The double shaft seal, also known as the double barrier seal, actually contains two seals, a primary and a back-up seal, found within one housing. Double shaft seals contain their own cooling system. When the primary seal fails, the back-up seal takes over, while simultaneously activating the warning system. Refrigerant (e.g. ammonia gas) will not leak into the atmosphere and production can continue.



Click here to read more about a role of a double shaft seal in the refrigeration process and here to read about blistering and reasons why shaft seals fail. 

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