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A double shaft seal is individually designed to handle specific needs. Despite the fact that it is “tailor-made,” it fits all standard compressors with no extensions required. 
Though it initially costs more, eventually you could save tens of thousands of Euros in energy consumption, maintenance, and operating costs. Multiplied by the number of seals at the plant, the total impact could be significant.

A double shaft seal is especially recommended when:

  • You cannot afford to be shut down in the middle of a batch operation
  • You do not have a standby compressor and experience shows that the seal failure is your highest probability of an unexpected shut down
  • Dealing with expensive products, or products which have a negative effect on the environment
  • You need a flexible seal design for several drive speed conditions (on FR-driven compressor units)
  • You need seal control from a distance (on service-free compressor units)

You need double shaft seals to protect your personnel if your product fits any of the following categories: 

  • A toxic liquid or gas
  • A fire hazard
  • A pollutant
  • A carcinogen
  • A radioactive fluid
  • An explosive fluid
  • Other dangerous characteristics

Consider it also if :

  • You need two seals to control the seal environment outside the stuffing box.
  • To control the temperature at a seal face to stop a product from vaporizing, solidifying, crystallizing, or building a film.
  • To prevent a pressure drop across a seal face that can cause a liquid to vaporize.
  • To eliminate atmospheric conditions outboard of a mechanical seal when there is a possibility of freezing water vapor in the air.
  • To break down the pressure in a high-pressure application, by inserting an intermediate pressure between the seals. Two lower pressure seals can then be used to seal a high-pressure fluid that would normally require a very expensive high-pressure mechanical seal.
  • To provide a lubricant if one is needed to prevent between lapped seal faces. This is always a problem when you are sealing a gas or non-lubricating liquid.

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